The first and most important stage in the design process is getting to know the client and his or her needs, plans, and dreams regarding the planned interior. We conduct a detailed interview in the form of a questionnaire which aims to essential guidelines necessary to begin the project. We talk about pleasant topics such as the colour scheme, materials, and the desired style. But we also talk about more down-to-earth topics such as what kind of budget the client has allocated for the project. Only an approach like this guarantees that we can create an interior design which meets the client's needs and pocketbook.

Before beginning work on a concept, we take precise measurements of the interior, known as an inventory, and create photo documentation of the space. If the investment is still at the design phase or under construction, we work based on designs supplied by the investor, and conduct the inventory itself only when possible, so that the executive design is based strictly on the factual state of affairs.

Based on the inventory or designs supplied we create a 3D model of the interior which provides a starting point for our work on the concept design.

At the very beginning, we consider the functionality of the interior and how this can be adapted to the client’s requirements and habits. We analyse the family lifestyle, including such details as whether the family members are right- or left-handed. At the same time, we carefully consider how the separate rooms join and interconnect. It is at this stage that we begin to create the interior architecture.

Normally, we produce several variants, and discuss all the solutions which appear sensible to us with the client. We present our concept using the 3D model, allowing a walk-through of the space. This helps the client gain orientation in the space, making it easier to understand how it is organised and dependencies between its elements.

At this stage, the model is still simplified and monochromatic.

After choosing the final version of the functional layout, we proceed to the creation of computer visualisations, which are intended to show how the investment will look after the remodelling is completed. We choose specific furniture, lighting, colour schemes, and materials. 

After the concept has been approved, we generate a detailed cost estimate. This document gives the client detailed information regarding all of the furnishings and finishing along with costs. It is important that the whole concept is created from the beginning within a clearly stated budget. The cost estimate is merely a more precise version of this budget.

After the concept design and cost estimate have been approved, we create a detailed executive design which includes all essential technical drawings required by the contractors and carpenters.

We are available for consultation with all the other designers involved in the project (air-conditioning, smart systems, sound systems, etc).  We are glad to cooperate in reaching compromises and striving to create the best design possible.

The executive design is given to the client in the form of a Project Book in two copies together with an electronic version of the documentation.

As a standard practice, we supervise the implementation of the design. We remain in constant contact with the investor and contractors.

Having gained experience from our many years of collaboration with countless contractors, we are able to recommend to our clients only the best, reliable contractors who can be depended on to provide the highest quality service.

We can coordinate for our clients orders and deliveries from Poland and abroad.

We are invariably touched every time we complete a project and can stand back and admire the fruits of our labours together with the client, the other designers, and contractors.  Our projects are like our children for us; we're delighted when they grow (although, just like with real children, this doesn't always happen without a few growing pains 🙂 ), and we are proud when they come to fruition and the client is happy.