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Warsaw, PL
Apartment in Cosmopolitan

Object: Interior design
Design office: KUOO ARCHITECTS

Art: Iwona Bilska, Szymon Brodziak

Implementation: 2016
Area: 65m2
Location: Warsaw, Cosmopolitan.


An apartment on the 11th floor in the very heart of Warsaw. A glazed facade and bay protruding from the face of the building make this apartment seem to be a part of heaven above the city.

The interior is atmospheric and very elegant. The investor has chosen the highest quality furnishings in limited amounts, creating an amazing effect. The whole arrangement has been designed in monochromatic tones. The only divergence from this theme is the floor, made of warm, dark wood, and yellow accents in the form of paintings by Iwona Bilska. These paintings and a photo by Szymon Brodziak hanging above the bed attract attention, completing the arrangement and adding a touch of interest.

This bold character is enhanced by the combination of different textures in the apartment; soft cotton and linen textiles, the pleated and buffed textile lampshades which provide diffuse light, varying shades of leather, and the raw character of metal.

The design has been implemented in full accord with the concept drawings