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Krakow, PL

Subject: Interior design
Design office: KUOO ARCHITECTS

Implementation: 2016
Area: 230m2
Location: Krakow, Polska

This design is for an apartment in an early 20th century townhouse in Kraków. The courtyard features historic structures and an extensive green space belonging to the nearby monastery, and from the apartment windows there is an exquisite view. The apartment has many features resulting from the nature of the building, which are undoubtedly assets. these include the U-shaped floorplan; the investors are the owners of an entire floor, and so the windows face both the street and the courtyard. Despite lowering, the ceilings at their highest reach 3.5 metres, as do the sliding French windows which can open up one entire side of the apartment to the garden. And it is precisely here that we have planned the dining room, with a two-metre-high lamp rising above.

Just next to this is the kitchen, an open space with an island in the passage between the dining room and living room. The extent of the kitchen is defined by floor tiles with Oriental geometric patterns. The next rooms are also passages; the living room can be reached directly from the corridor or via the wardrobe and library which are located opposite the entrance. Originally, these two areas were separated. But we decided to demolish the wall between them, joining them and simultaneously letting light in to the corridor from the street-side windows. Every room can be closed with sliding glass doors, or alternatively left open to create a single, common space. A characteristic design element is the veneered wall furnishings, from above which radiates a delicate and diffuse light. The colour scheme is monochromatic, with a basic accent colour of natural green, amply found both inside and outside the apartment.