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Jastarnia, PL

Subject: Interior design
Design office: KUOO ARCHITECTS

Implementation: 2016
Area: 164m2
Location: Jastarnia, Poland

It was the aim of the investors to create a place for short getaways with a holiday atmosphere. After all, there was no other option considering the location - a penthouse located right and the shore with a panoramic view of the Hel Peninsula.

The apartment features a very atypical floorplan; access to the main area, a living room with glazing on two sides with a kitchen and dining room, is via a very long corridor, along which are the entrances to the remaining rooms. This corridor also plays the role of a gallery, with ceiling high photographs arranged on its walls.

The kitchen has been reduced to the bare minimum, as it was by design not intended for heavy cooking; the holiday atmosphere is conducive to going out to local restaurants. We combined the table with the island to leave as much space as possible available for the living room, from where a glorious view of the surroundings can be enjoyed. 

The bedroom features its own terrace, and is joined to a private bathroom, separated from the bedroom by sliding glass doors. Another atypical solution, which brings to mind the tropics, is the wooden bathtub with profiled bottom, where you can relax while looking at the sea.

The children's rooms are designed as two camps - for boys and for girls.  They feature bunk beds which can be easily rearranged depending on needs or whims. Each room is decorated with a topical wallpaper addressed to the children's interests.

The interior colour scheme is dominated by light wood and white.