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Bielsko-Biala, PL

Subject: Interior design
Design office: KUOO ARCHITECTS

Art: Marc Demsteader

Implementation: 2013
Area: 167m2
Location: Bielsko-Biala, Poland

This 167m2 apartment in Bielsko-Biala is a new investment from a young, single entrepreneur.  The main theme is a large open space with movable divisions. A minimum of furnishings, but of the highest quality. For the investor, a key aspect was lighting and high-class materials. The client feels good in atmospheric interiors, the kind that become with the right light completely different in the evening than in the day. Cosy and soothing.

The colour guidelines involved white and dark woods with a single colour accent - in this case, a mustard-coloured chair. The dining room also includes a very large space for display of a collection of more than 200 bottles of premium whiskey. The only decorative elements are large-format photos and unorthodox wallpapers, which can be found in the bedroom, in the bathroom under the shower (waterproof), and on the ceiling in the toilet.

The radiators used have been set into niches in the walls (leaving them flush with the wall surface). The radiators have been chosen to match the wall colours.

The general impression is one of peace, elegance, and minimalism.