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Warsaw, PL

Subject: Interior design
Design office: KUOO ARCHITECTS

Implementation: 2016
Area: 211m2
Location: Warsaw, Poland

The spectacular space of this two-storey apartment in the centre of Warsaw was a fantastic challenge for us. The nature of the space required our design to include a bit more action than usual for us. The investors are not strict minimalists; they expected a cosy, warm, and cosmopolitan interior. They’ve already promised that our next project together will be in New York J.

A two-storey living room with an enormous stone wall is the heart of the home. The interior patio which links the living room, dining room, and kitchen makes a fantastic impression.  The kitchen itself, with a view of the Palace of Culture and with a gold-coloured island, is a place which will make a lasting impression on every visitor. The apartment features huge potted plants, an exquisite library, and spectacular lamps. All of the furnishings are of the highest quality. The living room is joined with a space which becomes a guest room when glass dividing walls are closed and curtains drawn. While these are open, the space is part of the living room, a solution which provides the living room with dozens of extra square metres of floor space when the guest room is not in use.

The stairs leading to the upper floor are a work of sculpture in and of themselves. The colour scheme is based on the investors’ favourite colour, taupe. A delicate greige is used on the window frames, on a custom designed system of sliding blinds, on the curtains, all of the walls, the stone, the carpets, and the fabrics. Thanks to this, the interior is exceptionally calm and subdued. Other colours appear only as decorative flourishes. The entire upper floor is occupied by the master bedroom, wardrobe, and master bath. A light pink is used as an additional colour here, including a comfortable chair by the dressing table, and the glazed walls in the bathroom, which lead directly to a lovely terrace with a view of the heart of Warsaw.  The son’s bedroom is a teenager’s kingdom, simple, functional, but with character. A mix of pastel colours was chosen to create a tranquil and friendly space.