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Dzialoszyn, PL

Subject: Interior design
Design office: KUOO ARCHITECTS

Art: Anna Halarewicz

Implementation: 2016
Area: 320m2
Location: Dzialoszyn, Poland.


The basic guideline of the investor was to create a very light interior in muted colours. We've combined bleached wood with light greys and beiges. Apart from this, we also suggest something with a little more "bite" to draw out the character of the place - accents in pink and orange.

The entrance area, enclosed by sliding glass doors, affords a view of both storeys of the hall and stairwell. Within this space, we've used three shapes - "razorblades" of powder coated grey steel. Two of these define the boundaries of the flight of stairs and the adjacent library. The third is a backdrop for the relaxation area, with footstools and pleated hanging lamps. A delicate and warm diffuse light emanates from behind these steel elements.

In the further parts of the home, we find a spacious kitchen, dining room and joined living room. The white island and kitchen furnishings seem to disappear in this space, directing our attention to the living room. This is the heart of the home, and features a large sofa with a view of the garden, TV, and the characteristic, low panoramic fireplace. Attention is drawn by paintings done by Anna Halarewicz with bold bands of pink and orange. These correspond to the wooden standing lamps with colour-matching lampshades.

Pink makes a bold statement in one of the bathrooms – on the form of a pink floor-to-ceiling mirror.

The second part of the home includes the main bedroom with wardrobe and bathroom, accessed by a wood-finished pivot door. The bathroom is a combination of wood and concrete with orange accents.

Upstairs, there are the children's rooms and a bathroom. These rooms are large, and there is plenty of space for playing. The built-in bed frames have been extended to the neighbouring wall and provide a sitting area outfitted with pillows. The rooms are mirror images of one another. The colour schemes and the accessories have been adapted to the preferences of the children.