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Larvik, NO

Subject: Interior design
Design office: KUOO ARCHITECTS

Implementation: 2015
Area: 350m2
Location: Larvik, Norway

This home located in Larvik, Norway is a two-storey building with the main floor situated on the first floor. It is on this floor, with its stunning view of the Oslofjord and the Skagerrak strait, that the majority of domestic life takes place.

Access to the interior is from the first floor, where the living room and adjacent kitchen, dining room, and master bedroom are located. The lower floor houses the garage and guest bedrooms for adults and children, as well as a spare bathroom. The first level also has its own recreational area with a fireplace and direct access to the garden.  Thanks to this, guests can enjoy considerable privacy.

The owners of the house are fans of natural materials, which is why we used different shades of wood to play different roles in the interior; on the floor (which is made of spruce), and as finishing elements for the walls and furniture. This is complemented by stone, black and white marble, and textile finishings of linen and cotton. The interior is warm and atmospheric.