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Lodz, PL

Subject: interior design
Design office: KUOO ARCHITECTS

Art: Szlagart Joanna Małecka

Implementation: 2016
Area: 280m2
Location: Lodz, Poland.

A house with a floorspace of 280m2 situated in a quiet park district of Lodz. Its interior is a combination of contrasts and bold decisions which reflect the strong personalities of the owners.

The large-scale glazing of the windows facing the garden provide spectacular lighting for the interior, making it appear even more spacious. The design for the interior was intended to intensify this effect and extract the maximum amount of space possible. At the same time, we were free to use black tones without fear that the interior would be optically shrunk as a result. The high ceilings of the living room are accented by open-work lampshades hanging above the recreation area which features a huge sofa with footstools. The character of the lamps is matched by a mural painted by Joanna Małecka "SHLAGart”, which is the dominant decorative element of the living room. A panoramic fireplace, covered with concrete tiles, separates the living room from a library situated at the rear, decorated in a classic style with dark wood furniture with quilted upholstery.

The entrance area and kitchen create a visual frame, thanks to their use of dark materials, which separates the functions of the living room from the kitchen. This also creates a background for the recreation area, drawing it out into the foreground.

The bedroom is monochromatic, and decorated in shades of grey, blacks, and whites. The more than three-metre bed lends character to the interior of the bedroom, and in conjunction with the bathroom, designed as a mini-spa, with a bathtub on a raised platform and a view of the garden, flooded with mood lighting, guarantees maximum relaxation.

A significant role in the interior is played by accessory and decorative lighting. This underscores the elegance of the materials used and adds warmth to the colours, which together with black create the one-of-a-kind climate of the interior.