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Lodz PL

Subject: Interior design
Design office: KUOO ARCHITECTS

Implementation: 2014
Area: 180m2
Location: Lodz, Poland.

The interior of this home in Lodz with an area of 180m2 is a combination of the simplicity of minimalism and the warmth of Scandinavia.

The design is dominated by natural materials, wood and stone, which create a backdrop for the remaining elements. This dominance is broken up here and there with accents of mustard colour throughout the whole interior.

The heart of the home is the open-plan living room joined with the dining room and kitchen. All the spaces are joined by a large fireplace, reminiscent of a natural campfire. The centrally located dining room is a typical gathering place; apart from chairs in different designs, it features a long table with soft cushions, where you can eat a meal, or relax with a good book. The dining room is accented by oversized lamps, which give the interior a bold character.

Gatherings of family or friends are enhanced by the island facing out to the dining room from the kitchen, where meals can be prepared while still holding a conversation with others.

A double-sided sofa creates a relaxation area by the fireplace while still providing a view of the garden, making the living room the perfect place for unhurried family evenings.

The first floor comprises mainly a large bedroom and bathroom, divided only by sliding glass doors. Thus, the bathroom is a part of the bedroom, making it more of a bathing room.

The stairwell is finished with a wooden mosaic, whose varying intensities of shade give a feeling of lightness, and soften the transition from the stairs to the white walls. Textile lamps above the stairs make a warm accent and visually lower the high ceiling.

The interior is very cosy and familiar.