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Pabianice, PL

Subject: Interior design
Design office: KUOO ARCHITECTS

Implementation: 2014
Area: 220m2
Location: Pabianice, Poland.

The monochromatic interior of this home in Pabianice is a space which was previously lived in by a young couple with a son. Their taste for black and white, which we share, has resulted in an elegant, minimalist interior with a bold character.

The ground floor is on an open plan, in which rooms with different functions have been symbolically separated from each other with free-standing shapes - the centrally-located stairwell, and the raised cube holding the television signal the boundary between the living room and dining room. But all of the spaces blend together and visually complement each other.

Black stained wood is the key material, the common stylistic feature which is repeated throughout the home. The remaining elements alternate between white and shades of grey. Decorative lamps break up this colour gradient and add warmth to the interior. The way that they are placed brings to mind sculptures, making them not merely a purely practical element of the furnishings, but also a part of the exceptional decor of the house.

The upstairs bedroom duplicates the colour theme of the ground floor. It continues the motif of open space, and has also been separated from the adjacent bathroom in such a way that the two spaces can be joined. Sliding glass doors allow this optical barrier to be removed, revealing an extensive bathroom which is thus transformed into a bathing room.