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Warsaw, PL

Subject: Interior design
Design office: KUOO ARCHITECTS

Implementation: 2016
Area: 300m2
Location: Warsaw, Poland

This home is very spacious, tending towards an open plan, with high and wide glazing which perfectly complements the atmosphere of the interior, decorated in dark tones. An elegant black and delicate greys combined with dark wood provide a backdrop for high-quality furniture and other furnishings.

The architectural design for the exterior includes the use of graceful vertical panels. We decided to echo this motif in the design of the interior for the finishing of the walls and furniture, using horizontal wooden blinds.

It was the dream of the investor to have a large salt-water aquarium. We built one into the furniture of the living room, creating a colourful, panoramic background. Perpendicular to this is the fireplace and space for wood storage concealed within the furniture.

The stairs leading to the first floor are very light, built on a steel structure and finished with wood. One of the dominant materials is black marble with white veins, further enhancing the character of the interior.

The bedroom, wardrobe, and bathroom blend together, and a separated only by darkened glass sliding doors. The bed, with its characteristic frame, stands out from the backdrop of the light-coloured wood wall. The rest of the room is meant to be a backdrop, too; the black finishing of the room and bathroom calm and relax.

Thanks to decorative lighting and accessories such as the heavy, linen curtains and wicker baskets the interior takes on a cosy feel.