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Wroclaw, PL

Subject: Interior design
Design office: KUOO ARCHITECTS

Implementation: 2016
Area: 500m2
Location: Wroclaw, Poland.

This 500m2 – two-storey home with a pool and garage is reminiscent of an exclusive auto salon. A place where quality and elegance are the first priority.

Decorated in an elegant colour scheme, the interior is a combination of greys. blacks, and warm wood. The use of bare concrete emphasises the quality of the materials used. The exterior walls of the hall, glazed over two storeys, accent the entrance to the building while symbolically dividing it into two parts -- in the first there is the day area, while in the second there are associated rooms including a guest room, bathroom, wardrobe, and garage. The hall is crowned by an interesting roof truss. An open-work stairwell leads to a gallery on the upper floor where the master bedroom, children's rooms, and bathrooms are located. One important place in the hall is the library, which is also continued on the upper floor. At its sides, there are passages to the kitchen, dining room, and living room, from which there is a view of the garden and the terrace surrounded by water.

The functions are symbolically separated by the way that the tile floor is finished; the kitchen and dining room are within a square edged by large format tiles, while the living room is marked out by a carpet on which the sofa stands. The relaxation area extends on the far side of the panoramic fireplace wall, which is glazed on both sides. There are wide leather seats, a work space, and a grand piano. This area is leads directly to the pool and sauna area.

The master bedroom blends smoothly into the bathing room, which can be closed off with smoked glass sliding doors. Identical doors are located behind the bed's headboard and conceal the wardrobe. The free-standing bath is beautifully exposed on a stone plinth in the centre of the bathroom. Framing the bath is an exit to the terrace.

On the other side of the corridor are the children's bedrooms. Between them, we've added a bathroom which is accessible from both sides. The bathroom can be reached from the wardrobe.

The garage is an elegant space where one can sit down, have a chat, and smoke a cigar, all while admiring the "toys" stored there – there are wide and comfortable armchairs, and photos of race cars on the walls, while the real cars are lit by spotlights and subtle decorative lighting.