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Warsaw, PL
Apartment in os.Marina Wilanów

Object: Interior design
Design office: KUOO ARCHITECTS

Implementation: 2013/2014
Area: 57m2
Location: Warsaw, Poland.

The basis of the design is white. Colour is used only as an accent. Taking into account the small size of the building, the choice was made to use light colours which favourably affect the way the space is perceived.

The apartment consists of an open space playing the role of living room, kitchen, dining room, and work area. A bathroom is located near the entrance, accessed by a door concealed within a mirror; a turquoise bevel in the door and handle are the only sign giving away its location, while also adding an element of colour to the composition.

Additionally, a bedroom has been divided off, accessed by a pivoting door which, when closed, appears to be an extension of the fireplace, while when open join the bedroom and the living room, with the door itself appearing to be a free-standing block.

Colour appears in the island, which from on the side and facing the living room is finished with a light oak veneer. We use accents of black and graphite in the living room and bedroom. Turquoise is the characteristic feature of the bathroom; apart from in the bevel in the door, it also appears  on the shower and lamp fittings. Character and class is added by white Calacatta marble.

Textile lamps and diaphanous curtains break up the clean, cold minimalism of the interior and add a cosy touch