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Weert, BE
Single House

Subject: Interior design
Design office: KUOO ARCHITECTS

Implementation: 2017
Area: 217m2
Location: Weert, Belgium

A young couple with two children. Belgians, who took a liking to the designs by KUOO ARCHITECTS. Ideal theme - simplicity and minimalism. Subdued colours: whites, greys and black. Only in the children’s rooms there are colours. Without being pushy, but definitely establishing which room belongs to who.

In the household lobby spectacular white stairs welcome you. The purest minimalism. White brightens the hall where daylight cannot reach. On the right side from the entrance there is a living room where reigns one of our favourite sofas, timeless tables, a fleshy carpet. In front of the sofa on a wall there is an open fireplace with a closed tv space over it. Properly selected light plays a very important role in the entire the house.

The kitchen is simultaneously closed and open to the living room. What connects them is one space, but you cannot see it from the sofa. Simple fixed furniture runs smoothly from the entrance hall, through the living room, to the dining room and the kitchen. An island linked to the dining table is a central place of the kitchen. Each element in this house is simple and functional. In addition, what links them is top quality. 

In each room the same floor material is used: grey concrete. Warm and pleasant in touch. 

The master bedroom and the bathroom do not deviate in style from the ground floor. Simplicity above all. Large glazed surfaces. Atmospheric lighting. In the bathroom as few elements as possible. Owing to this, it still remains bright and spacious. 

In the girl’s room we decided to use the powder pink colour elements, and in the boy's room - navy blue. The boy is a fan of ‘Star Wars’, and therefore a moon lamp is there, which at night gives the feeling of being in another galaxy.